The New PS2 Lorentz Controller

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The all new range of LORENTZ Solar Pump systems are now available. Our product range from 150W to 40kW is now fully harmonized with the following features:

Designed for Solar Water Pumping

Our absolute focus on solar water pumping means we build our products from the right materials for a long life. We know how to build products that operate in the harshest environments and deliver outstanding performance.

Ultimate Efficiency

Our systems are designed be very efficient, this means they start pumping earlier, pump more through the day and are still pumping when the competitors stop. Look at how much more water you could be getting compare to other systems.

Hybrid Power

Our PSk2 systems provide hybrid power options so you can blend a primary solar power source with either grid or generator power. The LORENTZ SmartSolution even controls where the power comes from including generator start and stop, all you need to do is set your water demands and the system takes care of it.

A Complete Solution

Out of the box we provide all of the inputs, outputs and software you will ever need for your solar water project. Our systems meter water, measure pressure and levels and work to deliver the water you need in the way you need it.


All LORENTZ systems have on board data logging and are configured using our simple PumpScanner App, it is easy to use and common across all systems. All our products are ready for remote management and monitoring from our simple and cost effective pumpMANAGER cloud based application, wherever they are installed across the world.

LORENTZ CONNECTED products open up new opportunities to improve customer service and for new commercial models.

Most LORENTZ solar water pumping systems are equipped with a DataModule. This is an integral data logger and remote control device for our range of solar water pumps. The DataModule, combined with the LORENTZ PumpScanner App for Android™ and LORENTZ pumpMANAGER open
new opportunities in drinking water supply for people and livestock, irrigation and swimming pool applications.

The PS DataModule collects performance data from the pump system and stores it for periodic collection. It uses Bluetooth® to communicate with the LORENTZ PumpScanner App for Android and – for remote monitoring – with the LORENTZ PS Communicator and pumpMANAGER, allowing secure data collection without physical connections. New LORENTZ PSk2 systems with SmartSolution support have an embedded DataModule with advanced pump system control options. Pre-requisites and rights management for these systems are the same as for other LORENTZ systems but additional pump control settings are available.

Lorentz PS2 Manual

LORENTZ CONNECTED – Operating Manual and User Guide