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Florida Solar Pump - providing Lorentz Solar Powered Pool Pump SystemsHarness the Sun’s Energy to Solar-Power Your Pool Pump! Florida Solar Pump is your source for clean, green power with cost-efficient, solar-powered pool pump solutions. With the Lorentz environmentally-friendly solar pool pumps, the system can circulate pool water from sun up to sun down for FREE – saving money every month and the climate every day.

Turn Off Your 230 Volt A/C Pump that can consume over $1200 per year in electricity! Your pool pump is your home’s second-largest energy consumer. It can cost up to $150 per month to operate in the islands and accounts for creating literally tons of pollution every year.

Quiet. Cool. Efficient. Long-lasting. Solar Energy can power your Pool Filtering System using the free power of the sun to save you money.

We are searching for qualified dealers to help us cover Florida & the Caribbean with the Lorentz Solar Pool Pumps Systems and to help people reduce their electrical costs.

Take Your Pool Pump Off The Grid – With Solar Power!  Contact Florida Solar Pump Today

Other benefits of a solar pool pump include:

  1. Eliminates Pool Filtration Energy Bill
  2. Increases Home Value
  3. Virtually Maintenance Free – residential & commercial models available
  4. Reduces Carbon Footprint
  5. Variable Speed
  6. Quietest Pool Pump Motor on The Market
  7. Reduce your stress about maintaining your pool.
  8. Rated for 20,000 Hours of Operation
  9. DC Brushless Motor
  10. Solar direct – Use the power of the sun to clean your pool for FREE!
  11. No batteries or inverters needed
  12. Two (2) Year Warranty with an optional Five (5) Year Warranty Available on the System
  13. 25 Year Standard Warranty on Solar Panels
  14. Eligible for 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit


Announcing the New – PS600 CS-17-1 Lorentz Solar Pool Pump  CS600-17-1Solar Pool Pump

Lorentz Solar Pool Pum PS600 ps1800
Lorentz Solar Pool Pump – PS600 Lorentz Solar Pool Pump – PS1800

Need to run your pump day and night? We offer the Lorentz Power Packs

PowerPack PP600H AC Lorentz PP2000 AC Powerpack
Lorentz PP600H AC PowerPack Lorentz PP2000 AC PowerPack


Boost Solar Surface Pump Systems
PS150 BOOST-60 - Solar Surface Pump System PS150 BOOST-125 - Solar Surface Pump System
PS150-Boost-240 - Solar Surface Pump System PS150-Boost-330 - Solar Surface Pump System


Reduce Pollution by not using kWh of energy produced by fuel-burning power plants. There are many different types of pollutants produced by power plants.

  1. 0.852 pounds of CO2 per kilowatt-hour of electricity produced. CO2 contributes to the global warming of the environment.
  2. 0.048 pounds of particulates per megawatt-hour of electricity produced. Particulates are small particles that can contribute to smog.
  3. 0.024 pounds of oxides of sulfur per megawatt-hour of electricity produced. Oxides of sulfur contribute to acid rain pollution.
  4. This means the average solar pool pump installation prevents over thousands of pounds of pollutants from entering our atmosphere each year. References:,
The Lorentz Solar Powered Pool Pumps for the Countries of the Caribbean
The Caribbean has among the highest electric cost in the world and has the most abundant sunshine that can provide
ideal conditions for going green Energy typically costs between US$ 0.25 and US$ 0.38 per kWh (kiloWatt hour) in the Caribbean

The Advantages of using a Solar Powered Pool Pump System:

  • Fight pollution. Reduce your carbon footprint. Reduce your energy consumption
  • Build value into your home while saving money for your house hold
  • Use the Sun’s Power – The World’s Greatest Natural Resource and you can also have back up power from the grid
  • Eliminate the big energy consuming 230 Volt A/C Pool Motor
  • Operate your Pool Pump for FREE from Sun up to Sundown
  • Own a Lorentz Solar Powered Pool Pump Systems

 Take Your Pool Pump Off The Grid – With Solar Power!
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