Solar Pool Pump – PS600

Lorentz PS600 CS-15-1 Solar Pool Pump System
(Discontinued – the CS-17-1 replaced this model, but we still have inventory, while supplies last)

Lorentz Solar Pool Pump & Controller - PS600 from Florida Solar Pump- PS600-CS-15-1

Solar-operated Centrifugal Surface Pump Characteristics:
  • Flow rate up to 15 m3/h (4,000 GPH)
  • Excellent serviceability
  • Maintenance-free thanks to brushless DC motor
  • Excellent efficiency
  • Short Return on Investment (ROI) cycle
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Pump System PS600 BADU Top 12
Article # 2921
Controller PS600
Motor ECDRIVE 600 BADU Top
Pump End (PE) BADU Top12, manufacturer Speck Pumps
source of energy solar generator 340-900 Wp
not contained in delivery battery
DC source


Pump End (PE) CS-15-1

  • Centrifugal pump with integrated strainer tank
  • Bellow mechanical seal is mounted on a plastic shaft protected sleeve
  • Motor/pump shaft has no contact with fluid
  • Total electric separation
  • Strainer capacity approx. 3L
  • Strainer basket mesh size approx. 3.2 x 2.6 mm

Material Used For Pump End

  • Pump casing, strainer basket: PP
  • Flange, gland housing: PP TV 40
  • Diffuser: PP TV 40
  • Impeller: PA 66 GF 30 / PC
  • Lid: PC, transparent
  • Mechanical seal: carbon / ceramic / NBR
  • Bolts: steel, galvanized

Motor ECDRIVE 600

  • Brushless, maintenance-free DC motor
  • No electronics in the motor
  • Premium materials

Controller PS600

  • DC Solar Pool Pump
  • Controlling of the pump system and monitoring of the operating states
  • Mounted at surface (no submerged electronic parts)
  • Two control inputs for well probe (dry running protection), float or pressure switches, remote control etc.
  • Automatic reset 20 minutes after well probe turns pump off
  • Protected against reverse polarity, overload and high temperature
  • Speed control, max. pump speed adjustable to reduce flow rate to approx. 30%
  • Solar operation: integrated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  • Battery operation: low voltage disconnect and restart after battery has recovered
  • Max. efficiency 92% (motor + controller)


Two years manufacturer’s warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

Spec Sheet

Lorentz Solar Pump – PS600 CS15-1

The UL Listing – UL Certification CS15,17,36,36
Met Laboratories, Inc.
Certification Record for Lorentz Surface Pumps – Models: PS150 CS, PS600 CS, PS1800 CS

Installation Manual

Lorentz_Solar Pool Pump Manual (PDF)
PS600 CS-15-1  & PS1800 CS-36-1

Lorentz_Solar Pool Pump Manual (PDF)
PS600 CS-17-1  & PS1800 CS-37-1

(Optional) Lorentz PowerPack PP600H ACPowerPack PP600H AC

AC/DC converter to supply PS600 pump systems with backup power from a generator or mains
The PowerPack is able to power the pump to its full capacity.

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