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Duke Energy today announced a $500 million commitment to a major expansion of solar power in North Carolina.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.–(eSolarEnergyNews)

This culminates the company’s request for proposals (RFP) issued in February 2014 for new solar capacity. It will help Duke Energy further its commitment to renewable energy, diversify its energy portfolio and meet North Carolina’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS). It also provides customers greater access to renewable energy in a cost-effective manner.

The company will acquire and construct three solar facilities – totaling 128 megawatts (MW) of capacity –  including the largest solar photovoltaic (PV) facility east of the Mississippi River. The three facilities will be located in Bladen, Duplin and Wilson counties.

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Vermont’s largest city now using 100% renewable energy sources

by Jen Hayden

Vermont’s largest city has a new success to add to its list of socially conscious achievements: 100 percent of its electricity now comes from renewable sources such as wind, water and biomass.

With little fanfare, the Burlington Electric Department crossed the threshold this month with the purchase of the 7.4-megawatt Winooski 1 hydroelectric project on the Winooski River at the city’s edge.

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Lorentz PS600 15-1 Solar Pool Pump Manual

We know many people will sometime misplace or loose their Lorentz solar pool pump manuals, so we wanted to post it for our clients and installers

PS600 15-1-Pool Pump Manual (PDF)

Lorentz Solar Pool Pump PS600 15-1 Manual - Installation guide


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A Lorentz Solar Pool Pump installation in the Virgin Islands

A successful Lorentz Solar Pool pump installation by one of our Lorentz dealers in Virgin Islands:

From Onaje Jackson – a May 08, 2013 e-mail:

Here is a little bit more on the investment from our Condo president, Mike Breck: “Everybody that has a system tells me they’re happy (esp. given the new LEAC charges) and there are some new folks that weren’t part of the previous campaign. My system is running perfectly after 38 mos.  I have as of this month met my objective of fully recovering the investment cost so I am now truly saving somewhere between $840-$1000/yr. by not using WAPA.  Costs particularly for the panel should also have come down over the past 3 years.  Onaje is still one of a select few “approved suppliers” to the VM community so I would say go for it, and see who else wants to jump aboard. “

Onaje Jackson, President
Sustainable Systems and Design International, LLC
4000 La Grande Princesse, Paint Locker Bldg., Suite 4
Christiansted, Virgin Islands 00820
Office:   340 718 4711
email: ojssdi@yahoo.com

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERASustainable Systems and Design International, LLC
Owner and Installation Crew


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Why are “LORENTZ type” pumps offered from China at such low prices?

Over the past few months we have received many examples where “LORENTZ” or “LORENTZ like” products are being offered in the market. We have even been offered copies of our products to sell.
The degree of copying varies from simply copying our documentation but sending something different to some products which look quite similar.

We have been asked to provide a statement which covers off some frequently asked questions regarding design, manufacturing and supply of LORENTZ products.


LORENTZ manufactures our own products in our own factory. Companies that say they make our products for us are simply lying. Companies have been offering overstock, over production and cosmetically damaged good, none of these categories of product exist, we only sell new, perfect goods.

Marketing / trademarks / copyright

Many companies are using pictures of LORENTZ pumps and controllers in their marketing material. For most people this would be considered intellectual property theft. LORENTZ have spent significant amounts of money to get our name trademarked. Unfortunately in some countries these trademarks and our copyright is not respected and we cannot do anything to enforce this.


All of our distributors are listed on out Internet site www.lorentz.de, if you are being offered products from outside of this authorised distributor network then they are probably copies.


We have a very clear channel pricing model which allows all partners and LORENTZ an honest margin, if you are being offered products at significantly lower prices then there is a strong chance that they are not our products.

Quality costs money

LORENTZ design and manufacture our products using high quality materials. We have tested “similar” pump systems and quickly find the efficiencies are very poor and that ferrous materials are used in the submersible elements. While this reduces the cost the lifetime is very short, typically less than one year. A product that has the quality we offer cannot be produced for the selling price of some pumps being offered.

Investment in partners

LORENTZ are continually investing in our partner network. Tools such as COMPASS, infrastructure such as partnerNET and new channel and support staff all cost significant amounts of money. We hope you recognise and value this investment that we make to help you.

Warranty and liability

If you are considering importing “copy” products directly you should consider the warranty and liability implications. For many markets the liability for product safety and quality is the responsibility of the importer. If you are importing from a reputable company like LORENTZ the necessary certifications and warranty support are in place, for copy products this is not the case.

How we deal with the topic

LORENTZ takes this issue seriously, fake / copy products will damage the good reputation we have in the market and will cause lost sales for our partners. Where Approved LORENTZ partners knowingly handle fake goods or goods that are not purchased via approved channels then they will have their accreditation removed. We will continue to protect our partners and will do our best to stop copy products appearing that damages our mutual business opportunity.

If you are being offered products using our name or our product names then we would be interested in any material you have. Where possible we will challenge these companies through our lawyers.

Sharing information

If you see or are offered products that appear to be LORENTZ products but you are unsure then please contact us, we can easily check serial numbers and the source for you.

If you have information or experience with copy products that you would like to share with the LORENTZ partner community then please send it to marketing [at] lorentz.de and we will put it on partnerNET, you can remain anonymous if you would prefer.

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Zero Energy Swimming Pool by Bruce L Hesher

by Bruce L. Hesher

This presentation describes a renewable energy approach to maintaining a swimming pool without buying electricity. By targeting a high electricity cost item like the swimming pool pump, short payback periods can be seen.
The example in this presentation uses solar panels and passive water heating techniques that can meet all the needs of an in-ground swimming pool. It was done in 2005.

Solar power can be used to circulate, filter and heat a swimming pool. By design, system only operates during the day.

While it did not make financial sense at the time to do a whole house PV system; targeting a high use device (the pool pump) gave a payback of less than 4 years in 2005!

The attached PDF explains the whole process and reasoning to go solar for a pool pump.

Solar Pool Pump_by_Bruce_L_Hesher


System Review in 2013
After 8 years of operation the system is still working flawlessly. It has the side benefit of working when the utility is down so that the swimming pool stays clean.
Equipment costs since 2005 have changed. 340W of solar modules that originally cost $1,600 are now about $400! The PS600 controller, motor and pump can be purchased from Florida Solar Pump

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Need Replacement Parts

This is a diagram of the Lorentz PS600H Solar Pool Pump for Parts Identification
Click on the image for a larger View

Parts page for PS600

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U.S. Solar Industry on Course to Have Record-Shattering Year

Solar Energy Industries Association – September 12, 2013

Green Tech Media Research (GTM) and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) today release U.S. Solar Market Insight: 2nd Quarter 2013, the definitive analysis of solar power markets in the U.S., with strategic state-specific data for 28 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.


Read the whole article: http://ecowatch.com/2013/solar-industry-to-have-record-shattering-year/

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Solar energy positioned for a boom in Florida

Tampa Bay Times

The Sunshine State has long been a solar energy laggard, trailing such gray-sky locales as Massachusetts and New Jersey. That might be about to change.

Changes in solar business models, federal tax credits and plummeting equipment prices are opening a new market that some believe will bring a sea of sun-absorbing solar panels to Florida.

Read more…


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