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Product information for use in selling the Lorentz Solar Pump solutions:

Solar Pool Pumps

Lorentz_PS600-CS-17-1_en-us_ver30132 – (PDF)

Lorentz Solar Pump – PS600-CS-15-1 – (PDF)

LORENTZ Solar Pump – PS1800_CS-37-1 – (PDF)

Parts Page for the PS600

Installation Manual for PS600, PS1800

The UL Listing – UL Certification CS15,17,36,36
Met Laboratories, Inc. ‐ Certification Record for Lorentz Surface Pumps – Models: PS150 CS, PS600 CS, PS1800 CS

TopointSolar 190W‐72M Solar Module mono

Power Pack PP600/PP200 – (PDF)

PP600  –
PP200 –

IronRidge Pane Mounting Products

PS150 Boost Pumps

Professional Brochure from Lorentz (37mb PDF) – you can use this brochure for your business!

Online Product Training Videos:

Diagram of the Lorentz PS600H Solar Pool Pump for Parts Identification & Ordering

How to Calculate Swimming Pool Volume in Gallons

A Solar Pool Pump Installation Video made by a homeowner

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