Zero Energy Swimming Pool by Bruce L Hesher

by Bruce L. Hesher

This presentation describes a renewable energy approach to maintaining a swimming pool without buying electricity. By targeting a high electricity cost item like the swimming pool pump, short payback periods can be seen.
The example in this presentation uses solar panels and passive water heating techniques that can meet all the needs of an in-ground swimming pool. It was done in 2005.

Solar power can be used to circulate, filter and heat a swimming pool. By design, system only operates during the day.

While it did not make financial sense at the time to do a whole house PV system; targeting a high use device (the pool pump) gave a payback of less than 4 years in 2005!

The attached PDF explains the whole process and reasoning to go solar for a pool pump.

Solar Pool Pump_by_Bruce_L_Hesher


System Review in 2013
After 8 years of operation the system is still working flawlessly. It has the side benefit of working when the utility is down so that the swimming pool stays clean.
Equipment costs since 2005 have changed. 340W of solar modules that originally cost $1,600 are now about $400! The PS600 controller, motor and pump can be purchased from Florida Solar Pump

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